About Korea

General Information
Geography & Location
The Korean Peninsula extends southward from the northeastern part of the Asian continent between latitudes from 33 to 43 degrees north, and longitudes from 124 to 131 degrees East. The Amnok and Tuman Rivers border both China and Russia to the north and Japan lies just across the East Sea.
Standard Time
The Korean standard time is 9 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time with no daylight savings time
People & Population
Koreans, like many other Asian peoples, are descendants of Mongolian Tungus stock. However, they differ from their neighbors, the Japanese and Chinese, in that they are a homogeneous ethnic group with their own language, culture, and customs. Korean people are characterized by their generosity, warmth, and kindness, and are renowned as one of the hardest working peoples in the word. For further information, please visit at http://english.visitkorea.or.kr/enu/index.kto
The Korean language is classified as a Ural-Altaic language, a group which also includes Mongolian, Hungarian, and Finnish. The Korean character system, Hangeul, is completely different from any other languages. “Hangeul” was developed by King Sejong in 1443 of the Joseon Dynasty.
Korea lies in the temperate zone and has four distinct seasons. In late March or early April, the trees burst into leafy splendor to mark the beginning of spring. Mostly sunny days can be expected from March to May. During the relatively hot and rainy summer season, the vegetation is lush. By June, the average temperature is over 20℃ (68℉). Monsoon rains usually begin around the end of June and last until mid-to late-July. August is hot and humid. The coming of autumn in late September brings continental winds and clear, dry weather, making the fall months perhaps the most pleasant time of year. October’s vivid golds and vibrant reds create a colorful panorama. December to February is cold and dry with occasional snow. During the winter months, three or four days of cold weather are often followed by a few warmer days.
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