About Busan

Busan, the second largest city in Korea bustling with approximately 3.6 million residents, is located on the southeastern tip of the Korean peninsula.

Busan is the first international port city in Korea. Its location in the very heart of Northeast Asia enables the city to serve as a maritime gateway of the Korean Peninsula and a major bridgehead of the entire Northeast Asian region. Its deep harbor and gentle tides have allowed it to grow into the largest container handling port in the country and the fifth largest in the world.  

Additionally, the natural environment of Busan is a harmonious relationship of mountains, rivers and sea. Its geography includes a coastline featuring superb beaches and scenic cliffs, mountains which provide excellent hiking and extraordinary views with hot springs scattered throughout the city. Busan enjoys four distinct seasons and a temperate climate that never gets too hot or too cold.

Furthermore, it inherited the fair and equitable spirit of the Gaya and Silla cultures with a keen vision for the cultivation of democracy. The city's natural endowments and rich history have resulted in Busan's increasing reputation as a world class city for tourism and culture, and it is also becoming renowned as a hot spot destination for international conventions.
Busan Fireworks Festival   The Busan Jagalchi Festival   Busan International Film Festival
Busan Fireworks Festival is held once a year towards the end of October along Gwangalli beach. Since its inception in 2005, it has grown into a world-class fireworks festival. The festival’s diverse programs of cultural events, high-tech laser light shows, and myriad of unique and colorful fireworks make it one of the area’s most popular festivals, drawing crowds of over 1 million visitors each year. Around evening time after sunset, the fireworks start with countdown at the beach and showcases nearly 85,000 fireworks, state-of-the-art laser lighting and magnificent music against the stunning backdrop of the sea, night sky and Gwangan Grand Bridge.   The Busan Jagalchi Festival is korea's largest seafood festival. It is held every year in October at Jagalchi Market, one of Busan's most famous places, and Nampo-dong, located in central Busan. The festival features many things to see including reenactments of traditional fishing folk customs such as Yongwangje(sea king ritual) and Manseonje(a ritual praying for a good catch) as well as various seafood-related hands-on programs. There are also free cruises around Taejongdae and Songdo Islands as well as tours of Jagalchi Fish Market, where fresh sashimi and other seafood can be purchased at discounted prices.   The Busan International Film Festival(BIFF) is one of the most influential film festivals in Asia, filling Busan with famous film makers, actors, critics, fans and huge audiences. BIFF is primarily focused on Asian films, but films are screened from all over the world, including North America and Europe. This enables movie fans to gain a comprehensive perspective of all the major movie trends. The films are screened at numerous theaters in the Nampo-dong Street area, at the Cinema Hall in Millak-dong, and on a giant outdoor screen in Suyeongman Bay.
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