Presentation Guidelines: Online
Presentation Method and Time
  Category Duration (+Q&A) Presentation Q&A
Only Overseas Speakers Invited 25 min + 5 min Recording file will be played by ICC8 Online real time
Oral 12 min + 3 min Recording file will be played by ICC8 Online real time
Preparing your Presentation File
Submission Deadline February 28, 2021
Important Notice
To avoid technical problems, please do not record audio on each slide individually.
To deliver the presentation clearly, we recommend you to use the headphone or earphone with microphone to record the audio.
During recording, please use the keyboard instead of the mouse to flip the slides to prevent mouse sounds from being recorded.
Do not use any passwords or encryption for your presentation.
Do not use macros and flash-animations.
Please note that all presentations will be made available to registrants for a week after the conference.
Official Language English
Format AVI, WAV, MOV, MP4 or MS-PPT with embedded audio | Please check the quality of the audio before submitting it.
Aspect Ratio 16:9 (Widescreen Version)
File Size Maximum 500MB (Minimum 100MB)
Font Do not use special fonts which are not part of the standard PowerPoint package, as this will cause problems while uploading your file.
How to Submit Upload a file through ‘My Page’ on our website
How to Give the Presentation during Session?
Instructions for Recording Presentation or Video
1. Select 'Slide Show' → 'Record Slide Show' → 'Record from Beginning'
2. Check record slide box: recommend to leave two options checked
3. Start recording
Once you start recording, the screen will change to full screen and the recording toolbar will appear at the top left of the screen.

Go to the next slide
Pause the recording
Current slide recording time
Re-record the current slide
Total recording time
4. To finish recording, right-click on the final slide and click ‘End Show’.