Invited Speakers
Sym 01  |  Jingyang Wang Ceramics Modeling, Genome and Informatics
Sym 02  |  Sung-Yoon Chung Atomic-Scale Observation of Surface/Interface Phenomena in Ceramics
Sym 03  |  Yunseok Kim Imaging of Emerging Phenomena in Electroceramics
Sym 04  |  Chang-Jun Bae Novel, Green, and Strategic Processing and Manufacturing Technologies
Sym 05  |  Ralf Riedel Polymer Derived Ceramics and Composites
Sym 06  |  Paolo Colombo Additive Manufacturing of Ceramics and Associated Hybrid Printing Technologies
Sym 07  |  Makio Naito Advanced Powder Processing and Manufacturing Technologies
Sym 08  |  Eugene A. Olevsky Sintering and Related Phenomena, and Processing of Materials using SPS
Sym 09  |  Tobias Fey Porous Ceramics – Characterization, Developments and Applications
Sym 10  |  Sungwook Mhin Advanced Materials and Innovative Processing Ideas for Production Root Technologies
Sym 11  |  Young-Wook Kim Engineering Ceramics: Processing, Properties, and Applications
Sym 12  |  Walter Krenkel Ceramic Matrix Composites: Design, Development, and Applications
Sym 13  |  Jun Akedo Advanced Ceramic Coatings: Processing, Properties, and Applications
Sym 14  |  Yanchun Zhou Materials for Extreme Environments: Ultrahigh Temperature Ceramics (UHTCs) and Nanolaminated Ternary Ceramics (MAX Phases)
Sym 15  |  Monica Ferraris Joining of Ceramics
Sym 16  |  Jong-Heun Lee Ceramic Gas Sensors
Sym 17  |  Sang-Im Yoo Magnetic Ceramics and Composites
Sym 18  |  Yong Soo Cho Advanced Ferroelectric and Piezoelectric Materials
Sym 19  |  Jae-Young Choi 2D Materials and Their Applications
Sym 20  |  Chang Kyu Jeong Emerging Device Applications in Electronic and Semiconducting Ceramics
Sym 21  |  Soon-Gil Yoon Functional Thin Films: Processing, Characterization, and Applications
Sym 22  |  Ho Won Jang Photoactive and Catalytic Materials for Solar Fuels
Sym 23  |  Sanjay Mathur Advances in Functional Ceramics for Energy Harvesting and Storage and Production of Solar Fuels
Sym 24  |  Jong-Ho Lee Solid Oxide Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Technology
Sym 25  |  Kyu Hyoung Lee Thermoelectrics
Sym 26  |  Kisuk Kang Ceramics for Rechargeable Energy Storage
Sym 27  |  Yutai Katoh Ceramics for Innovative Nuclear Energy Applications
Sym 28  |  Sang-Woo Kim Piezoelectric and Triboelectric Energy Harvesting Materials
Sym 29  |  Hyun Suk Jung Advanced Materials and Technologies for Perovskite Materials-based Solar Energy Conversion Devices
Sym 30  |  Roger Narayan Ceramic for Medical Applications
Sym 31  |  Yiquan Wu Crystalline and Amorphous Optical Materials and Photonic Technologies
Sym 32  |  Jong Heo Structure, Properties and Applications of Glasses
Sym 33  |  Hyung-Tae Kim Pottery, Refractory, Insulators, Jewelry Ceramics and Single Crystals