Sym 24  |  Jong-Ho Lee Solid Oxide Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Technology
Sym 25  |  Kyu Hyoung Lee Thermoelectrics
Sym 26  |  Kisuk Kang Ceramics for Rechargeable Energy Storage
Sym 27  |  Yutai Katoh Ceramics for Innovative Nuclear Energy Applications
Sym 28  |  Sang-Woo Kim Piezoelectric and Triboelectric Energy Harvesting Materials
Sym 29  |  Hyun Suk Jung Advanced Materials and Technologies for Perovskite Materials-based Solar Energy Conversion Devices
Sym 26 Ceramics for Rechargeable Energy Storage
Organizer Kisuk Kang Seoul National University, Korea
Co-Organizer Chang-An Wang
Heedae Lim
Seung Woo Lee
Jaechul Kim
Tsinghua University, China
Korea Institute of Science and Technology, Korea
Georgia Tech, USA
Steven Institute of Technology, USA
The purpose of the symposium for “Ceramics for Rechargeable Energy Storage” is to focus on interesting researches in the fields of energy storage and electrochemical conversion using ceramic-based materials. The symposium will widely cover novel concepts for energy storage systems, new material design, understandings on state-art-of storage mechanisms, and advanced characterization techniques. In particular, recent advances in energy storage/conversion fields utilizing ceramic materials will be addressed. The following areas will be included but are not limited to, and various researches relevant to energy storage will be discussed.

• New concepts about materials, cells, and systems for energy storage fields
• Characterizations and advanced analytical tools for energy storage materials
• Modeling and simulation of energy storage and conversion
• Alternative and future energy storage systems.
• Other technologies related to energy storage