Sym 21  |  Soon-Gil Yoon Functional Thin Films: Processing, Characterization, and Applications
Sym 22  |  Ho Won Jang Photoactive and Catalytic Materials for Solar Fuels
Sym 23  |  Sanjay Mathur Advances in Functional Ceramics for Energy Harvesting and Storage and Production of Solar Fuels
Sym 22 Photoactive and Catalytic Materials for Solar Fuels
Organizer Ho Won Jang Seoul National University, Korea
Co-Organizer Lianzhou Wang
Gang Liu
Yung-Jung Hsu
Yun Jeong Hwang
The University of Queensland, Australia
Institute of Metal Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan
Korea Institute of Science and Technology, Korea
Hydrogen production via solar energy has been widely studied as an environmentally-friendly and sustainable source of energy. Considering the thermodynamic potential, a single-component semiconductor that possesses a higher band gap than 1.23 V can simultaneously generate hydrogen and oxygen gas from water. However, overall water splitting through a single-component conventional semiconductor is usually limited by low activity to visible light and high kinetic overpotentials. A critical requirement for outstanding light absorption material and catalysts is, not only its ability to boost the kinetics of a chemical reaction, but also provide the necessary durability against electrochemical and photo-induced degradation. Generally, precious metals, such as platinum, exhibit superior performance under these requirements; however, the high cost of precious metals are another challenging barrier for their widespread commercial use. To address this critical and long-standing technical barrier, intense research efforts for developing an efficient, durable, and inexpensive alternative photoactive and catalytic nanomaterials have been recommended, which comprises low-dimensional transition metal oxides and carbides, transitional metal dichalcogenides, carbon-based nanomaterials, and earth-abundant nanomaterials. The symposium aims to cover recent advances in the development of various kinds of materials related to photocatalysts, photoelectrodes, and co-catalysts intended for solar-driven water splitting.