Sym 16  |  Jong-Heun Lee Ceramic Gas Sensors
Sym 17  |  Sang-Im Yoo Magnetic Ceramics and Composites
Sym 18  |  Yong Soo Cho Advanced Ferroelectric and Piezoelectric Materials
Sym 19  |  Jae-Young Choi 2D Materials and Their Applications
Sym 20  |  Chang Kyu Jeong Emerging Device Applications in Electronic and Semiconducting Ceramics
Sym 18 Advanced Ferroelectric and Piezoelectric Materials
Organizer Yong Soo Cho Yonsei University, Korea
Co-Organizer Jae-Ho Jeon
Wook Jo
Wang Ke
Korea Institute of Materials Science, Korea
Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology, Korea
Tsinghua University, China
There have been enormous efforts on developing new ferroelectric and piezoelectric materials with the targets of performance enhancements. With the recent demands for miniaturization and multi-functionality in near-future electronic components, the importance of competitive ferroelectric/piezoelectric materials has been newly recognized. This symposium addresses the related materials and devices using ferroelectric and piezoelectric phenomena. The following topics will be covered.

• Nonconventional ferroelectric/piezoelectric materials
• Synthesis methods, related processing and characterization
• Ferroelectric/piezoelectric nanostructures and flexible systems
• Multiferroic and multi-functional materials and new applications
• Sensors/actuators/transformers
• High k-related materials and applications
• Energy-harvesting and optoelectronic devices
• Atomic simulations and structural analysis