Sym 04  |  Chang-Jun Bae Novel, Green, and Strategic Processing and Manufacturing Technologies
Sym 05  |  Ralf Riedel Polymer Derived Ceramics and Composites
Sym 06  |  Paolo Colombo Additive Manufacturing of Ceramics and Associated Hybrid Printing Technologies
Sym 07  |  Makio Naito Advanced Powder Processing and Manufacturing Technologies
Sym 08  |  Eugene A. Olevsky Sintering and Related Phenomena and Processing of Materials using SPS
Sym 09  |  Tobias Fey Porous Ceramics – Characterization, Developments and Applications
Sym 10  |  Sungwook Mhin Advanced Materials and Innovative Processing Ideas for Production Root Technologies
Sym 09 Porous Ceramics – Characterization, Developments and Applications
Organizer Tobias Fey University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany
Co-Organizer In Hyuck Song
Yuping Zeng
Ulf Betke
Paolo Colombo
Manabu Fukushima
Ulrich Vogt
Katherine T. Faber
Korea Institute of Materials Science, Korea
Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, China
OvGU Magdeburg, Germany
Paolo Colombo, Italy
National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Japan
Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology, Swiss
California Institute of Technology, USA
Porous ceramic materials are utilized in many applications including but not limited to thermal insulation, catalysts, light weight structures, filters, adsorbers and sensors. The aim of this  symposium is   to  share  recent  advances  in  the processing, characterization, properties and modeling of porous ceramic, carbon, and glass-ceramic components for any application.   These pore sizes range from the nanometers to millimeters, and can have random, periodic  or  hierarchical  porosity  with  various  pore  architectures, such as (syntactic) foams, honeycombs, fiber networks or bio-inspired structures. This symposium enables many research groups to carry out their current research activities in the field of porous materials including but not limited to the areas of ceramics, chemistry, mechanics, fluid dynamics, modeling and simulation and application engineering.

Proposed Session Topics
• Recent Innovations in Processing Methods & Synthesis of Porous Ceramics
• Structure and Properties of Porous Ceramics
• Characterization of Porous Ceramics
• Mechanical Behavior of Porous Ceramics
• Thermal Behavior of Porous Ceramics
• Micro-porous and Meso-porous Ceramics  (e.g. Membranes)
• Ceramics with Hierarchical Porosity
• Porous Ceramics for Energy Applications
• Porous Ceramics for Biological Applications
• Porous Ceramics for Functional Applications
• Porous Ceramics for Filtration (Liquids, molten metals)